First Truth

The first of many truths is that life's tough. A pretty obvious truth for most. But, I meet people that I've wondered if they actually "know" this truth. The Sun, the Gods, the seeds of life seem to shine down on them at all times. Nothing "bad" has ever happend to them, at least from my perspective. And their idea of "bad" is if Cub is out of chocolate milk, or if they have to walk to a gas station, in the freezing cold, without at hat. Some shit like that. I guess, in a sense, those things are bad. It is all relative isn't it?

I think about people who have been to war, or have had loved ones in the war or past wars, or have suffered the holocaust - with numbers tatooed on their arms and fear tatooed on their brains. True survivors. Really.

I have been writing for years. Since I was a tweenager. The writings have been in journals that are personal and real. No holding back because someone might read the musings and the scratchings and the mayhem. I see this blog as just that. A place that I can post truths. Whether they be about the upcoming election or the day-to-day life of a 39 yr old woman with a bent toward the eclectic. Maybe the talk will be about the dirty cigarette or Jesus Christ himself, whom I believe I wouldn't exist without. I can't wait to get real.