Puking Pink

If I see one more fucking pink thing related to breast canSer I'm going to puke - PINK! Ugg. It is entirely annoying really. I am not against support and I am not against a cure and all that shit. But really. It is entirely girly and entirely over marketed. Kinda like Christmas. Pink lattes and statements like: "you're at risk for breast canSer if you are a woman and you grow older". Hmmm...I'm thinking to myself - OK I'm a woman so I'm fucked. Oh yeah - and growing older? Well, fucked there too! Hah!

OK, enough of the truth rant. Which really felt good by the way. I'm in love. Not saying more than that, but it feels good to be in love, even if it is forbidden. Like the apple. Truth is I have so much love to give and really like life, people, the trees, the smell of rain, or the smell of rain cometh. My granny used to say, "You can tell the weather just by going outside and taking a sniff." She is right. So, fuck weatherman school - just step outside and take a sniff!

Favorite things that annoy me: crumbs on the counter, loud trucks, the smell of gas, dentists, sticky something on my foot, sleepless nights.

Favorite things: a good smelling man, soft wiskers, foot rubs, rain storms, snow storms, 4 wheel drive pickups, rock'n music on a summer day, Lake Superior, a glass of wine.

Enough truth for now. Let it be.

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